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Warriors Share the Joy of Reading
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014
AMS Students reading with Silver Crest Manor residents
AMS Students reading with Silver Crest Manor residents
Students Receive While Giving

In the last weeks of school, members of Anadarko Middle School's Witcha'be Book Club volunteered their time to read to the residents of Silver Crest Manor.  Students and residents alike enjoyed a great time of visiting and storytelling on these very special filed trips.  As students shared the joy of reading, they were inspired by knowledge and wisdom of their elders.  A bedfast resident encouraged visitng readers to "read with emotion and feeling."  She had taught her daugher to read at age four, and by the second grade, the child read on fifth-grade level.  One gentlemen expresses his love of books and told of how he used to provide books to children in the community.  It was his goal that every child have at least one book in the home. 

By sharing the gift of reading, Witch'be Book Club members gained insight, understanding and an appreciation for the elder generation--a priceless gift in itself.

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